July 06, 2011

Opening AutoCAD .dwg Files Into a Single Instance of Solid Edge

I keep seeing this question come up, “Associating .dwg files with Solid Edge launches multiple instances of Solid Edge.  Is there a way to open the .dwg files into a single instance of Solid Edge?”

As it turns out there is.  GTAC Solutions Center article # 002-7002894 covers this very question.  You will need a WebKey account to access this article.

This is a Windows Explorer issue not a Solid Edge issue per se.  By tweaking the Windows Explorer registry we can make the .dwg files open into a single instance of Solid Edge.  Add or modify the following registry entries:





If you are not comfortable working in the registry then download this registry file and simply double-click to add the entries automatically.

Anybody have other Solid Edge registry tweaks they care to share?


  1. Hi,

    i have problem, when i open *.dfl file in SOLIDEDGE ST8, it is still opening in new instance, so i have multiple instances opened. How can i turn it to have it all in single instance? For anothers users it working fine - but they are on Windows 7, I have Windows 10 and only there is problem. Many thanks

    1. I used registry editor and import registy entries. Something changed, new instances are not opened now, it is opened in new window. But there is innactive option to "Switch betwen windows". Could you help me?

      Many thanks