July 06, 2011

Opening AutoCAD .dwg Files Into a Single Instance of Solid Edge

I keep seeing this question come up, “Associating .dwg files with Solid Edge launches multiple instances of Solid Edge.  Is there a way to open the .dwg files into a single instance of Solid Edge?”

As it turns out there is.  GTAC Solutions Center article # 002-7002894 covers this very question.  You will need a WebKey account to access this article.

This is a Windows Explorer issue not a Solid Edge issue per se.  By tweaking the Windows Explorer registry we can make the .dwg files open into a single instance of Solid Edge.  Add or modify the following registry entries:





If you are not comfortable working in the registry then download this registry file and simply double-click to add the entries automatically.

Anybody have other Solid Edge registry tweaks they care to share?

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  1. Hi,

    i have problem, when i open *.dfl file in SOLIDEDGE ST8, it is still opening in new instance, so i have multiple instances opened. How can i turn it to have it all in single instance? For anothers users it working fine - but they are on Windows 7, I have Windows 10 and only there is problem. Many thanks