November 03, 2011

Mapping Teamcenter Person Profile Information from Owning User on Item Revision to Solid Edge Draft

For whatever reason, you may wish to show on the Solid Edge draft file the user profile information for the owning user of the Item Revision that contains the SE Draft dataset.  Here is the mapping on how to accomplish this.

November 02, 2011

Automate Creating SharePoint and Insight Network Location Shortcuts

UPDATE:  Please note that this post has been replaced by an updated post (here) that contains a newer version of the script.

With SharePoint sometimes it is necessary to create Network Location shortcuts on the client workstation.  For Solid Edge Insight this is not only necessary but also a requirement.

Sure creating three or four Network Locations is no big deal.  But what if you need to standardize those Network Locations across all workstations and user logons?  Do you really want to be manually creating the same Network Location shortcuts for 20 user ids across 20 different workstations?  Having the ability to automate the creation of these Network Location shortcuts could certainly be a time saver.