July 07, 2011

Opening AutoCAD .dxf Files In a Single Instance of Solid Edge

Yesterday’s post covered  how to hack the Windows registry so that AutoCAD .dwg files always open in a single instance of Solid Edge.  Logically following up from that is opening .dxf files into a single instance of Solid Edge.

It doesn’t take much of a leap to figure out that from yesterdays post you simply have to change the registry entries from .dwg to .dxf.  But for those that like things as simple as possible, here is the .dxf version of the hack:



And to make it simpler still, the downloadable registry file to add the entries automatically.

And yes I fully appreciate this post could be considered a cop out on publishing an entirely new useful tip but it is what it is ;-)


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    1. Does on my systems. Try downloading and installing the registry keys again as I have updated them recently.