August 12, 2013

Changing Solid Edge Modeling Standard and Default Templates

Recently there was a post on the new Siemens PLM Community forums (if you’re not a member of the new Solid Edge forums you should be!) about "Changing line dimensions to inches".

The preference for the Solid Edge modeling standard is defined when you first install Solid Edge:

This setting cannot be easily changed once Solid Edge is installed without some hacking.
The user finally uninstalled Solid Edge and re-installed Solid Edge to his desired modeling and template standards.

There is however a way to avoid uninstalling and re-installing Solid Edge by changing the registry keys and manually copy the default template files.  To manually change the Solid Edge modeling standard and default templates:

  1. Modify the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Unigraphics Solutions\Solid Edge\Version 106\TemplateStandard to the desired standards i.e ISO, ANSI, JIS, etc.
  2. Copy the templates for the desired standard from C:\Program Files\Solid Edge ST6\Template\More into C:\Program Files\Solid Edge ST6\Template.

However, this is a manual process and like all manual processes can be incorrectly implemented.  Also, for some of us (support engineers!), we need to quickly change modeling standards and default templates; so how to change the Solid Edge modeling standard quickly without all the manual editing?

Based on the original poster’s question and my own personal need, I wrote a PowerShell script to allow you to programmatically change the Solid Edge modeling standard.  This script is available from my GitHub site (along with other Solid Edge tweaks if you haven’t checked it out yet!).

As with all my scripts YMMV and they are unsupported but if you have any issues or requests with the script, please post them below in the Comments.  Hopefully this script will be of use to some of you...

Download the PowerShell script from here.

P.S. If you encounter a PowerShell error about execution of scripts read the comments header in the file on how to resolve.