June 15, 2012

Improving Teamcenter Rich Client 64-bit Performance

Recently GTAC released SFB-Teamcenter-6737 describing a problem where Teamcenter 64-bit rich client can run out of memory impacting performance and provided a workaround to resolve this issue.

                S O F T W A R E                 SFB-Teamcenter-6737
                F I E L D                       Page 1 of 1
                B U L L E T I N                 Issue Date: June 5,2012
                                                Revision Date: June 5,2012
                                                Supersedes: None
                                                Submitted By: Dennis Owen
                                                Responsible Group: Teamcenter
                                                GTAC 800 # Options(s): 2,3,1
   PRODUCT: Teamcenter
   SUBJECT:  Teamcenter Rich Client 64 bit Performance
   Affected Software: Teamcenter 64 bit Rich Client
   Associated PR Number(s): 6720094
   Scope: All versions, but some content relative to Tc9.1
   Revision: N/A

   Teamcenter's 64 bit rich client release may run out of Java memory, which
   might impact performance or cause Teamcenter to fail. A modification to
   settings in the Teamcenter.ini in Portal Root is required to resolve this
   issue. Teamcenter.ini settings that work acceptably in the 32 bit Rich
   Client may need to be increased for the 64 bit client.

   This SFB discusses shows how to configure the Teamcenter rich client to
   increase Java memory when using Rich Client.
   Teamcenter Java
   If your machine has enough physical memory, adjust the JVM heap size in the
   Teamcenter.ini file to a higher value, e.g. 1024Mb.  This will avoid
   running out of JVM memory.  This issue will be corrected in future versions
   of Teamcenter.
   Update the Teamcenter.ini file within your install location with the
   changes below and then restart the Teamcenter client application.
      Change the following:
      <path to Rich Client JRE>\portal\jre\bin
      -Xbootclasspath/... <-- full path not shown
      <path to Rich Client JRE>\portal\jre\bin
      -Xbootclasspath/... <-- full path not shown

SFB-Teamcenter-6737 (Note: You will need a Webkey account to access the link)

P.S. It has been 3 months since my last post. My apologies but I have been in transition in my personal life that has affected my ability to blog on technical matters.  More to come on those changes later but suffice to say I am now getting settled again to where I can begin posting again.  Thank you everyone for your patience.


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