November 03, 2011

Mapping Teamcenter Person Profile Information from Owning User on Item Revision to Solid Edge Draft

For whatever reason, you may wish to show on the Solid Edge draft file the user profile information for the owning user of the Item Revision that contains the SE Draft dataset.  Here is the mapping on how to accomplish this.

The Teamcenter Person Profile for the owning user on an Item Revision:

The mapping for the Teamcenter owning user Person Profile information on the Item Revision to the SE Draft dataset:
{ Dataset type="SE Draft"
    Address : ItemRevision.owning_user.person.PA1 /master=iman /description="Address"
    City : ItemRevision.owning_user.person.PA2 /master=iman /description="City"
    State : ItemRevision.owning_user.person.PA3 /master=iman /description="State"
    ZipCode : ItemRevision.owning_user.person.PA4 /master=iman /description="Zip Code"
    Country : ItemRevision.owning_user.person.PA5 /master=iman /description="Country"
    Organization : ItemRevision.owning_user.person.PA6 /master=iman /description="Organization"
    EmployeeNo : ItemRevision.owning_user.person.PA7 /master=iman /description="Employee Number"
    MailCode : ItemRevision.owning_user.person.PA8 /master=iman /description="Internal Mail Code"
    Email : ItemRevision.owning_user.person.PA9 /master=iman /description="E-mail"
    Telephone : ItemRevision.owning_user.person.PA10 /master=iman /description="Telephone"
And the Person Profile information in the SEEC CPD and on the draft once successfully mapped:


  1. David! great information!

    I have a problem with the user name, I use the Author property in Solid Edge Callout bu this are calling the windows user not the teamcenter user...
    I need to uses other property instead of author?


    1. Fábio, thanks for your feedback.

      The Solid Edge Author property will automatically use the Windows user id as you have discovered. You will need to create a custom property in Solid Edge for storing the TC user name/id under.