September 09, 2011

Optimally Configuring Anti-Virus For Use With Teamcenter

I have actually covered this in my earlier post “Improve Solid Edge Performance by 95% On Windows 7 By Configuring Anti-Virus”.  However it occurred to me that my Teamcenter oriented readers are not going to read an entry on configuring anti-virus for use with Solid Edge and so will miss this information.  So I’m taking the opportunity of a cheap quick and easy post to repackage the same information for a different market ;-)

Optimally configure your anti-virus for use with Teamcenter by adding the following folder exclusions:


Newer versions of anti-virus are getting “smarter” and now actually scan the network traffic not just physical files so depending on your anti-virus software you may also need to add an exclusion for all http traffic to and from the server(s) and the client.

To maximize effectiveness don’t forget to make the above anti-virus configuration changes on both the server(s) and clients.

Speaking of excluding http traffic, another performance tip for you to consider.  Teamcenter 4-tier traffic is http traffic.  By intentional design most companies will throttle and shape http network traffic on the company network based on the assumption that employees accessing http traffic are doing nothing more than surfing the web.  Unless a specific exclusion is added for internal http traffic to/from the Teamcenter servers and clients your company’s network traffic shaping may unintentionally be severely hindering your Teamcenter performance.

And this should go without saying but before making changes to your anti-virus software don’t forget to review with your company’s IT security experts.

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