May 21, 2011

Quickly Lock and Unlock Your PC with Your USB Flash Drive

Leaving your laptop unlocked when you’re working in your local coffee shop to order another grande café latte with soy milk may be okay with you but if not check out Predator. Predator uses your USB flash drive to quickly lock and unlock your PC by turning your flash drive into a "key". Unplug the key and your computer automatically locks and will play an alarm if someone attempts to unlock the computer. Plug the key back in and your computer automatically unlocks without having to type your password.

Sure you could use the Win + L key combo just as easily but Predator is way "cooler" than boring old key strokes. Having to type your complex password (don't we all have one of these wink, wink) every time you come back with a refill gets cumbersome enough to where you may be inclined to skip locking your screen. Nothing is simpler than Predator's "plug 'n play" approach.  Plus good luck getting Windows screen lock to sound an alarm if someone attempts access while you’re waiting on barista boy to hook you up with your caffeine addiction.

Go check Predator out for yourself. They offer a free and a paid version. Provide your feedback and other solutions in the comments below.


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